How Detox Clay Weight Loss Supplements Remove Toxins from Your Body

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For a long time now, people have been using clay weight loss supplements for the purpose of detox cleansing, among other uses.

The following are some of the ways these weight loss supplements can be used to remove toxins from the body.  

How Clay can SootheRemove Toxins, and Skin Allergies  

One of the many uses of bentonite clay is for treating blemishing skin marks and treating other skin complications. Because of the treating properties, nearly all skin recipes include it. As a matter of fact, the skin is known to be subjected to many issues and toxins, resulting in its fast aging. In order to maintain a good smooth skin that does not age fast, the following are some of the benefits bentonite clay weight loss supplements can offer;  

  •   When applied externally (after being hydrated), the clay is able to sooth and heal bruises, acne, cuts, insect bites, and bee stings.
  • It aids in combating skin allergies which are the cause of blemishes and itchiness
  • When applied externally on the skin, the clay slows down the aging process of the skin by removing toxins responsible for the skin aging

To Combat Yeast Infection/Candida  

Humans, especially women, are prone to a yeast infection known as candida. The good news is that clay weight loss supplements can be used as a remedy to that. To be straight to the point, detox clay does not heal the candida directly, but does slow down the yeast infection effects on women. When mixed with water, the electrical charge in bentonite clay gets changed and binds with toxins that are in form of heavy metals. By doing this, the yeast infection symptoms are reduced.  

Bentonite Clay as a Remedy for Eye Strain  

For people with a problem of eye strain, bentonite clay is a natural remedy. Before using it, you need to ensure that all your eyes are closed, so as to prevent the side effects when it gets in contact with the eyes. Actually, it is the clay that purges the toxins that are responsible in causing eye strain. Actually, the clay can eliminate the puffy under-eye bags. In order to remove them, you will need to smear the clay at the puffy areas and leave it for about a half an hour, followed by rinsing it off. By applying it on the puffy areas the clay does the absorption of the liquid in excess, thus reducing the inflammation.  

For Your Thyroid  

One of the very large endocrine glands in our body is the thyroid gland. It is this gland that is responsible for dictating how other body organs function. When the thyroid gland fails to function properly, many body organs will be in problems. To avoid it from getting any complications, you need to use bentonite clay weight loss supplements. The clay will do the work of absorbing all the toxins in the thyroid. To do this, one needs to apply the clay at the neck, where the gland is found. If you find this unsuitable for you, the alternative is taking a teaspoon of clay on a daily basis.  

For Killing Parasites  

When one takes clay, it has been proven that it combats the parasites that have found their way in the body, more so at the intestine lining. Once the clay is in the digestive system, it will absorb the water in the system and become a big porous mass. The mass will keep on moving down the gut, each time getting negatively charged. The charge is the one responsible for binding with parasites in the guts, until it is eliminated from the body. Parasites that are found in the skin can also be removed by applying the clay weight loss supplements on the skin or take a clay bath.  

Clay for Healing Boils  

When one has a boil, it means that he or she has some infection. By using bentonite clay weight loss supplements, which is in powder form, it will draw the heat, inflammation, and pain from the boil. Actually, specialists have proven that clay is an effective way of treating boils.  

To Heal Diarrhea, IBS, and Ulcerative colitis  

There is an inflammation that occurs at the bowels, particularly at the inner lining of the large intestines. Such an inflation is termed as Ulcerative colitis, and it is the one that causes diarrhea. By taking some small quantities of clay, most of the impurities and toxins in the intestines will be absorbed and eliminated.  

In Conclusion 

If you are wanting to remove toxins from your body detox clay weight loss supplements are the answer. Not only do they kickstart your dieting goals, they also remove harmful toxins that build up in your body over time.  

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